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Dr. Claire Vallotton in her office at MSU, attending the HDFS Graduation Celebration Spring 2020

I am a scholar of early child development, care, and education. I am fascinated by babies’ behavior and development, and love to watch the way they interact with others and explore their world.  My general research interests are the early development and integration of language and social-emotional skills in the context of caregiver-child relationships, family risks, and culture.  I work with collaborators and students to conduct a variety of types of research, including applied, community-engaged intervention research, cross-university Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL), longitudinal observational studies of developmental processes, and cross-cultural studies of parenting and development.

My teaching focuses on early child development, care, and education and methods of assessing and measuring development. I integrate my teaching and research through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) with a focus on developing effective pedagogy to prepare the infant/toddler workforce.

I partner with community agencies serving young children and families in order to conduct applied research to develop, implement, and test the feasibility and effectiveness of programs aimed to support parents and early educators.

The long-term goals of my research, teaching, and community engagement are to:

  • change the way our world understands babies
  • help parents become the parents they want to be
  • prepare the infant/toddler workforce to support early development for all babies
  • support my students to change the world in ways they are passionate about

To learn more about my scholarship, browse this site, or…

Find or contact me here:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (517) 884-0521
  • Department Address: Human Ecology, 552 West Circle Drive, East Lansing MI 48912